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  • comosys ustbaslik
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  • Rebar Modeling
    3D Reinforcement Placement
    donati anasayfa
    COMOSYS has unique rebar placement capabilities that allow you to place reinforcement bars even into most complex concrete volumes with ease. Using these rebars, which are modeled completely in 3D, all kinds of reinforcement drawings are produced effortlessly, and most of the time automatically.
  • Flexible Licensing
    Be legal while paying less
    esneklisanslama anasayfa
    You want to switch to 3D modeling and detailing approach in your projects but you are worried about expensive license costs of 3D detailing software. Or perhaps, you are spending too much on software because you need different software for different types of structures. You need not worry anymore with COMOSYS and its flexible licensing model.
  • IntelliConnect
    Automated Connection Tool
    intelliconnect anasayfa
    COMOSYS makes it very easy to model connections of steel structures. All you need to do is to run appropriate connection command and select the profiles to be connected. If you think that "this could not be easier"; however, you are wrong! What about selecting the whole structure and running a single command?