We are strongly attaching importance to the privacy of data supplied by our visitors and customers. Therefore, we are performing a privacy strategy of which details are given in this document in junction with Terms of Use. This privacy policy contains the storage and usage of the information supplied by the users of our websites and social interaction channels. By contacting us from the mentioned communication channels, you declare your acceptance of the details given in this document about the information acquirement and usage practices.

We do not acquire any information from the mentioned communication channels without user's knowledge. However, in case of a request about information, demo version or an offer for our products or services, we may kindly ask for your name, title, firm name, telephone number, e-mail address, firm address etc. in order to provide feedback.

Acquired informations are stored as encrypted and they are not shared by any third-parties under any circumstances. Due to the privacy and security policy implemented in our firm, only the authorized personnel can reach your data for only providing you feedback. Herein, inspite of the privacy and security limitations, if anyway, this information shared by third-parties, users accepts beforehand that they will not made any claims.

Cookies may be used our websites in order to store your preferences on our websites. Cookies are small data files that are stored in your hard drive by websites. They store information about your preferences in case of your future visits. Cookies may also store various information such as your registration information, visit or refresh counts, etc. Cookies are utilized in common in order to provide better service to users. Most of the browsers are designed to accept cookies, however, they contain settings about disabling this feature. You may refer to the manual pages of your browser. However, you should be aware of that some functions and features of a website may be disabled without cookies.

It is also important to emphasize that some of our communication channels are managed by the policies of their own service providers and all of these social networking environments are public and anyone may see your messages. Therefore, it is strongly suggested not to share any information from these channels. We are not responsible from the privacy and security of any information shared on these channels. You may reach the privacy policies of the social networks that we use from the following links;

This document can be updated if it is necessary without giving information to users. We suggest you to take a look at this document frequently. Continuous usage of this service means that you accept these updates.