You want to switch to 3D modeling and detailing approach in your projects but you are worried about expensive license costs of 3D detailing software. Or perhaps, you are spending too much on software because you need different software for different types of structures. You need not worry anymore with COMOSYS and its flexible licensing model.



Proya introduces software rental model for engineering software, which is a first in Turkey. COMOSYS and VIMASYS are provided with very affordable rental plans. Plans can be on monthly basis or longer depending on your choice.

With our flexible licensing plans, you pay for software only when you have job contracts and can suspend your COMOSYS or VIMASYS subscription when you do not have job contracts. Additionally, as long as you're subscribed you are entitled to use latest version available. This means that you do not have to pay for software maintenance.

For more information, please visit our licensing options page.