Pay Less and Stay Legal

It is a well known fact that the design industry has limited profit margins. Companies needs to supply competitive services for lower prices. The only way to achieve any profits is through boosting work efficiency. Since Proya Software Co. is well acquainted with the design issues, we can easily appreciate the plight of our customers. As a result, we aim to supply state-of-the-art engineering and design software at prices which are affordable even for the small design offices. 

Our licenses are supplied as monthly rentals, therefore our customers are able to rent whenever they want and use our products whenever they need them. With extremely affordable small amounts of rental fees, our customers will not be forced to pay a fortune to own a high end engineering software solution. Through this unique option, even the small design offices can boost their work efficiency and compete legally with the market leaders.


Licensing Methods

Proya Software Co. utilizes state-of-the-art licensing technologies in order to manage the software usage, limit the piracy and protect the rights of the licensed users. Licenses are the definition of legitimate usage of a product or a module by a specified user or by a group users on a domain. Licenses are binded to the "license agreement" signed in between the user and Proya Software Co. Depending on the requirements of the user, licenses can be supplied either as a standalone node-locked licenses for a few users or network based floating licenses for the users connected to a corporate domain.

In this case of licensing, users are required to plug their supplied usb-lock in to their computer. Users are able to install our products on several computers, however, only the computer which is usb-lock is plugged can use the product. This license also enables users to benefit from our products out of the company on their laptops. This type of licensing is suggested to small companies (3 - 5 personels).

In the case of companies bigger than 5 users, floating licenses would be more benefial. In this type of licensing, all user computers should be connected to a company domain. Licensing service is installed on a server and usb-lock is plugged on this server. Legitimate usage limitations are defined on the server and each user is free choose a product or a package of products to use at program start-up and if the license server supplies the proper permission, user can continue. This licensing type defines the limitation of the user count for a specific module at the same time, therefore whole technical personel may have an access to the products if there is an available slot.