Most modeling programs do not have the connectivity information at joints to fully analyze how the various connections at that joint would need to be aware of each other to provide a clash free constructable solution. IntelliConnect solves this problem but only with standard templates. IntelliClone removes this limitation and goes one step ahead. It allows the users to focus their attention on any joint and model the complete joint in “ANY” arbitrary way, without being restricted by any templates. Once the user is happy with the custom solution, he or she can simply clone all joints with similar configurations with a simple mouse click!

What is even more amazing is that any offset adjustments or element rotations made at the source joint to create a clash free constructible solution, are also transferred smoothly to the target joints, thereby creating exact replicas everywhere. A horizontal brace shifted at the source will be shifted at the target as well. If a bracing profile is rotated for detailing purposes at the source, this orientation will be propagated to the target joints as well. If there are minor variations in approach angles of the secondary frames framing into the joint, such variation can be managed if the macros used in the source joint are capable of managing the slight variation.

Even manual detailing (without using standard macros) done at the source joint is transferred to the target joints thereby creating the most flexible solution imaginable. With IntelliClone you will be able reach the speeds of IntelliConnect, without the limits imposed by the standard templates of IntelliConnect.

But that’s not all. While initially IntelliClone will require you to model one instance of each joint configuration before you can clone the rest of the building, with the passage of time even this restriction will be lifted as COMOSYS will learn your preferred detailing styles, using AI algorithms. So within a short while of using IntelliClone it will have learnt enough to simply suggest solutions for the entire building, based on your detailing styles without you even lifting a finger. Just finalize the analysis model and press IntelliClone and see the finished building, just as you would normally detail it, in front of your eyes within seconds.

This feature will really sweep you off your feet.