With COMOSYS 4.0 we are introducing our new “Cloud Fusion” technology. Large projects require large teams working on the same model. Cloud Fusion is our new revolutionary feature which allows members of a team to collaborate on a single model located on a central server. So if a particular project would normally take 2000 man hours, just assign ten people to it and reduce the modeling time to 200 hours.

What’s amazing is how COMOSYS fuses and consolidates the models of all ten modelers to create a consistent fused version which all can see at all times. Integrity of the model is ensured through complex algorithms which do not allow discrepancies or inconsistencies to creep into the consolidated model. Whenever two users change the same object differently, the last to synchronize gets precedence. Actions like addition of new objects, modification of existence ones and even deletion of existing ones are all handled seamlessly behind the scenes by our Cloud Fusion technology. The collaborative advantage provided thereby is critical for large projects where the logical division of labor is not only easy to visualize, its also essential.

All modelers synchronize their local model with the model in the central server first before committing their personal data to the server. If any changes have been made in the server by other users since the user last pulled the data from there, Cloud Fusion forces the user to first synchronize the local version and see everything before pushing his own data to the server.