Prokon Engineering & Consultancy Inc.

Our team at Prokon Engineering rely heavily on the quality of the software they use to get the job done professionally. That is why we use only the absolute best and the latest versions of model-based softwares on the market. For steel & concrete analysis, design and detailing; our all-time favorite brand of software is COMOSYS, as it provides many benefits to our engineering team and hence the clients,  and makes everything run much smoother behind the scenes. Thanks to the user friendly features of COMOSYS; we have saved at least half the time and money when compared to other popular softwares in the market. Comosys is highly recommended in order to step forward in the market competition.

Tarık Baysak, General Manager



Gbs video 1

Rönesans Holding

GBS is a huge structure having dimensions of 330m in length, 150m in width and 30m in height. All reinforced concrete details, rebar shop drawings, embedded items and post tension elements have been modeled as 3D, submitted to client, and used on site. Thanks to 3D rebar modelling feature of COMOSYS to solve the most challenging clash problems at where rebars, studs and post-tensions coincide by providing best rebar positioning. On the other hand, correlation with the other 3d software help the project workflow managed by different design centers. Creating rebar BOQ tables and assigning bar marks automatically are the best user-friendly options to reduce man-hours against several revisions on shop drawings.

Serdar Binzet, Presidenf of Engineering


SVS Consultancy Engineering

Speeding up and flexibility has always been contradicting concepts in design and detailing. There are many software which are presenting quick practical solutions for design and even for detailing, but unfortunately they are all based on templates and are far from letting you create structures which are not covered by templates. On the other hand, some flexible software allow you to create any structure but they are in lack of intelligent short cut commands. COMOSYS is at the very right point to serve for both. It has helped us to save significant manhours.

Serdar Mesutgil, Board Member

 serdar mesutgil



Revenon Engineering Consultancy

As Revenon Engineering and Consultancy, we are using COMOSYS since 2016. COMOSYS has been designed to model any detail which might be required by a design office, and is capable of delivering any level of complexity. Not only can it produce steel and concrete shop drawings but allows you to model other disciplines as well.

As a company which understands the importance of 3D model based, specification driven software, we are happy to be working together with Proya’s support  team in this regard. We have always worked and will continue to work with a team which pushes the limits of innovation.

The support provided by PROYA has been the cornerstone of our decision to continue with them. We are proud of this amazing product developed by Turkish Engineers, and for standing alongside them towards an even brighter future.

Arif Öksüz, Owner


Paye Engineering

COMOSYS, a program we have been using for years, is capable of doing on its own what can only be done by putting together several other programs. In particular it reduces design time for industrial type or generally complex structures. Despite having many features it’s usage is very simple and easy. That is why new users can adapt very quickly. The ability to model all disciplines under a single roof reduces workload tremendously and makes things a lot easier and error free.

Oktay Argınhan, Owner

oktay arginhan