COMOSYS comes with a very powerful stand alone drawing module. While COMOSYS automatically produces many types of drawings, it also provides tools that significantly reduce the amount of time necessary for the drawings that have to be produced manually. As a bonus of 3D modeling, material take-off tables are immediately ready and the user can create sections at any point or views from any point of view. In addition to this, for editing and revising drawings, no other general purpose CAD progam is required because COMOSYS provides all the tools necessary for editing 2D drawings.



COMOSYS offers a completely standalone drawing module which doesn’t require the user to install any AutoCAD or Microstation for it to work. Thus a major portion of the CAD related investment is saved making the cost benefit ratio of investing in COMOSYS even more attractive.


Adding Views

Drawings produced in COMOSYS do not need to be drawn as done in classical programs. On the contrary once the model is complete all the user needs to do is to define Windows looking into the model and COMOSYS does the rest. Once the view angle and depth of view and other filters have been defined COMOSYS produces the flattened 2D view automatically saving enormous amounts of time. Furthermore this view is now linked to the model and any changes occurring there are automatically reflected in the drawings as well. Many drawings like steel shop drawings, single part drawings and rebar drawings of template based concrete elements are produced entirely automatically while in General arrangement drawings the user is required to enter the dimensions and annotations manually. However here too the user can benefit for semi-automatic functionality.

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Taking Sections

Sections can directly be taken from views already existing on the drawing. This greatly facilitates the insertion and definition of new views into the drawing. The views thus created are not only intelligently connected to the model but they are also intelligently connected to the section symbols. If the user moves the section symbol the sectional view it is associated with also updates itself.

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All drawing views can be filtered in order to see exactly what the user wants to see on the drawing. Filters can be object type based, or ID based, or group based or based on other properties of elements like their materials, disciplines etc. Spatial filters limiting the spatial scope of the view can also be applied. Furthermore when multidisciplinary drawings are created and the user wants to emphasize a particular discipline without completely erasing the others COMOSYS provides very elegant options to quickly gray out unwanted material.




COMOSYS offers a full range of dimensioning commands like horizontal, vertical, aligned and angular dimensioning. These dimensions are intelligent objects and do not need to be redefined according to changing scales as in many CAD programs. This saves an enormous amount of time. Once the actual size in mm of the dimension is set the user can change the scales of the view as many times as he wants and the dimensions automatically adjust. Special dimension options are available for dimensioning levels in plan and levels in section.






Frame, Plate, Bolt, and Weld Annotations

Many fields are available for Frame, plate, bolt and weld type element annotations. COMOSYS automatically finds the best location for the annotation in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with other elements of the drawing or other annotations. This means that hardly any time is lost in re-touching the drawings to make them more readable. Most programs require the user to place the annotations manually and if automatic annotation is used most annotations end up on top of each other which is highly undesirable. COMOSYS solves this problem by using advanced place finding algorithms.

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REBAR Annotaions

Five different styles of rebar dimensioning/annotating are available in COMOSYS. Rebars need to be dimensioned/Annotated in different ways in plan views and differently in sectional views. Furthermore rebars appearing as dots (sectionally) in sectional views are annotated differently as compared to rebars appearing as lines. Stirrups and cross ties etc. have their own unique way of being dimensioned and annotated. COMOSYS provides specialized commands for all these situations. These annotations too like other annotations in COMOSYS are “self locating” and find places for themselves in a way that two annotations don’t end up on top of each other.

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Material Take-Off

Material take off commands are available inside the drawing module and the user can place material take off tables anywhere on the drawing. In many cases these tables are produced and placed automatically by the program thereby eliminating any time loss.

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Insertion of Special CAD Details

COMOSYS gives the user the ability to insert special CAD details which may have been too cumbersome to model. Such blocks can be directly called into the COMOSYS drawing module and automatically adjust themselves according to the scale of the view. A man imported into a 1/50 view will be scaled to 1/50 and if the view scale is changed this inserted block too will adjust. Such details can also be inserted into the drawings on a 1:1 scale outside of any view.

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Adding Notes and Other CAD Objects

It is possible in COMOSYS to add text, notes and tables to the drawings. Standard notes which the designer repeatedly uses or which need minor modifications each time can be read from text files. Furthermore drawing objects like lines, polylines, rectangles, polygons, circles etc. can be drawn directly into the drawings. However this almost never required since all the actual drawing is directly coming from the model anyway but it is good to know that the capability exists. The user can also draw revision cloud symbols very easily.

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Export to Popular CAD Formats

Since the customer may not have a license of COMOSYS he may want us to deliver the drawing in AutoCAD format. COMOSYS directly exports its drawings in a way which is readable by AutoCAD. Furthermore such drawings are very well organized and different layers are used for the various objects thereby allowing the user to easily make any modifications to the drawing if needed.



Drawing Manager

All drawings produced in COMOSYS are accessible via the “Drawings Manager” which has the ability to store thousands of drawings of different types under the same model. Using this manager the user can quickly find any drawing from amongst thousands of other drawings. Filtering options are also available as are batch update and batch printing options.


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Automatically Produces Drawings


  • Steel Shop drawings (Assembly drawings) (Both “Separate” and “Multi” format)
  • Steel single part drawings
  • Concrete rebar template drawings
  • Tank detail drawings

Are produced completely automatically by COMOSYS at the press of a button. All the user needs to do is save the drawing production parameters once and all workers can then use these settings again and again in different projects. Furthermore COMOSYS allows the user to save different drawing settings for different assembly marks. For instance the user may want the column drawings to be of a different scale than other drawings. This feature saves time as the production of drawings can be done in one go rather than group by group. The speed of drawing production is of the order of a few hundred drawings in less than an hour so once the model is finished it basically means that the drawings have also been completed. Multi drawings are also created very efficiently and COMOSYS directly uses advanced space optimization techniques to make sure the multi drawing is not too sparse.

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Manually Produced Drawings

  • Steel General Arrangement drawings
  • Concrete Formwork drawings

etc. have to be produced manually. However this should not be confused with classical 2D drawing production. Even here the user can produce up to 10-15 drawings in a single day using the extremely efficient tools provided inside the drawing module. Automatic dimensioning and annotation of views is also available.