Are you using different software for different disciplines and different types of structures? With COMOSYS, you can model and detail all kinds of structures in a single integrated environment.

You may be designing and detailing a steel building. May be you are going to model and detail a retaining wall, or a preheater tower for a cement plant, a concrete or steel silo, a conveyor bridge, or even foundations for a continuous casting machine of an iron and steel plant. It makes no difference... You can model, detail, and produce shop drawings of all these structures with COMOSYS. In addition to modeling and detailing, you can also perform structural analyses for static and dynamic loads. You do all of these in a single environment, without switching programs. As an additional benefit of an integrated environment, you do not suffer data and time losses resulting from modeling the same structure again and again, in different software.



COMOSYS also provides solutions for modeling, detailing, and drafting of cable trays and raceways, various mechanical equipment, tanks, and cladding of industrial buildings. COMOSYS has been used over 10 years in Prokon-Ekon Group of Companies for designing and detailing hundreds of industrial structures, school and hospital buildings successfully.

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