COMOSYS Steel Detailer is a general purpose modeling software for steel structures. COMOSYS Steel Detailer allows you to model structures ranging from roof trusses to most complex industrial structures, from silos to power plants, pipe racks to multi-storey buildings down to the tiniest details in 3D. Shop and part drawings, material take off tables are generated automatically by the COMOSYS. 

Model any Structure You Can Imagine


With COMOSYS you are not limited to structures which fit a certain template. Whether you are in the housing business, or you design industrial plants, complicated plate work, sky scrapers or even bridges, you will be pleasantly surprised that COMOSYS never lags behind and is always there to provide the necessary framework needed to facilitate your work. You can even develop your own specialized macros or ask us to do it for you which will give you the edge over all your competitors.

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Extensive Connection Library


COMOSYS provides an extensive steel connection library which can work with or without analysis results. If no analysis results are available the user can choose to design the connection according to a certain percentage of the capacity of the section or if analysis results are available these can be used directly. Some of the main connections available are listed below.


Some of the main connection types are:

  • Beam to Beam simple connections
  • Beam to Beam fixed connections
  • Beam to Beam seating connections
  • Beam to Column simple connections
  • Beam to Column fixed connections
  • Beam to Column seating connections
  • Column on Column seating connections
  • Base plate connections
  • Vertical bracing connections
  • Horizontal bracing connections
  • Purlin and Girt connections
  • Wind column connections
  • Splice connections
  • Truss connections
  • Truss seating connections
  • Crane Girder connections
  • Monorail connections
  • Sag Rod connections
  • Stair and ladder connections
  • Handrail modeling
  • Grating & Chequered plate modeling
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Complex Details


Although the library of connections bundled with COMOSYS is more than sufficient for most of the situations you will come across there is always that special connection which is not available in the library. In such situations COMOSYS provides the capability to model any complex detail and then re-use it elsewhere in the model as well.

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Comclash Technology


Clash Checking is fully integrated with the basic work environment of COMOSYS. Find out about possible clashes before the person at site gives you a call to tell you about it. This will not only save valuable design man-hours but also reduce the problems for the construction team. COMOSYS will not only provide you with clash reports within a discipline but also give inter-disciplinary clash reports. These reports also allow the user to zoom in to the objects which are clashing and manage the clashes. Many a times you get a model from somewhere which you need to incorporate into your own to see any possible clashes. But to your horror you find that the model which has been sent to you has its own internal clashes as well which clutter up your clash reports. COMOSYS allows you to overlook these clashes and focus entirely on where the other discipline is clashing with yours.




Auto Adjust


Companies will be able to save a considerable amount of time & money using this unique feature of COMOSYS. Typically during the analysis stage the engineer is not concerned about the exact placement of members according to detailing requirements. In particular trusses aren’t modeled according to the center of gravity of the profiles, horizontal bracings aren’t located at their correct elevations and with the right orientations and the girts and purlins aren’t modeled in their actual positions. Splice Positions are not really a consideration and similarly other such factors which don’t affect the analysis are left for the detailer to worry about. However this also means that the model prepared by the Engineer is not directly usable and needs a lot of remodeling. The unique AUTO ADJUST technology present in COMOSYS provides practical and useful solutions to many of these problems and with a press of a single button the ugly analysis model is converted into a model ready for detailing!


 05-auto adjust-before  05-auto adjust-after




Follow the advantage created by AUTO ADJUST with IntelliConnect. This unique feature of COMOSYS is still in the beta stage of development but you will find that many simple connections and some advanced ones like floor beams with horizontal bracing spanning into them are handled easily leaving the modeler with only the complicated areas to deal with. IntelliConnect will connect your girts and purlins, most of your trusses, floor beams with and without horizontal bracing and even put the batten plates in all your twin profiles automatically with a single click. Simple vertical bracing connections too will be handled. The intelligence of this feature has been made customizable to a large extent. Try it and save time. Whenever it will work it will save you precious man-hours.


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Ancillary Steelwork


One of biggest headaches for a steel detailer is the ancillary steelwork which takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of man-hours to complete. Such work is a part of the job and needs to be done even if it involves losses. Another problem with such ancillary steel detailing is that very few companies are willing to accept it.

COMOSYS provides extremely intelligent tools for the modeling of stairs, ladders, grating and checquered plate flooring, handrails etc. These tools make the painstakingly laborious modeling a piece of cake and the drawings too are automatically created.

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Connection Design Reports


Perhaps one of the most time consuming tasks is the preparation of Connection Design reports. For all major connections in the model the designer is expected to produce complicated design check reports based on international standards. Our competitors don’t even have the design loads since they either don’t have analysis capabilities, or they only have links to other analysis packages which complicate the situation.

With COMOSYS the situation is different because it is an All In One solution. The same model which the engineer has developed is refined and finalized by either the engineer himself or a draftsman, to prepare the shop drawings.

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As the user clicks away to create the connections, COMOSYS is automatically creating design check reports of each connection on the fly. With intuitive color coding, the user can immediately see if any code check has failed and immediately attend to the problem before proceeding further. What’s amazing is that because of the powerful internal design algorithms present in the connection macros, almost all the time COMOSYS will suggest a connection which will satisfy all code requirements. If however any particular requirement is not met the element which is failing turns red and the user can quickly rectify the situation by taking a quick look into the design report and modifying whatever needs to be modified within minutes.
At the moment we provide design checks for all the major connections typically required in projects. These include simple floor beam connections, simple beam to column connections, fixed beam to column connections, bolted and welded truss connections, horizontal bracing connections, vertical bracing connections, base plates and splices.

09 connection report 3


All the individual design check reports can be consolidated into a single report file to be submitted to the client for approval.



Automatic Drawings & Lists


This is the feature which makes you save thousands of man-hours in large projects. Once the model is ready hundreds of shop drawings can be produced within minutes. General Arrangement drawings, steel shop drawings, single part drawings and a host of lists used for procurement are produced automatically by COMOSYS. In particular complicated assemblies like trusses are dimensioned a lot better than most conventional software which saves a lot of time. A separate environment for creating and editing drawings is provided inside COMOSYS which removes the need to use any other CAD program.


Many a times a designer is required to just produce the General Arrangement drawings and provide connection details to another party which will do the full modeling of the structure and produce the shop drawings. COMOSYS has a unique feature which allows the user to produce “CONNECTION DRAWINGS” which can then be used by other detailers.