One of the primary objectives of Building Information Modeling (BIM) process is to increase coordination between various disciplines involved in AEC industry such as architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical disciplines. Many problems are solved before they occurred at the site thereby reducing time and money loss. BIM represents more than geometrical information only. Its definition includes time and project planning information, procurement and construction management related data and even the maintenance phase.

In this context, VIMASYS can be defined as BIM software. It is developed for finding clashes between various disciplines involved in large projects such as industrial facility projects and for increasing coordination and collaboration between many design and construction teams working on such a project. You can combine 3D structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural models, all of which might be produced in different software, into one model using VIMASYS. You can check for clashes, or validate various project specifications. You can associate project work schedules and tasks with models or specific objects in the models and perform erection and construction simulations.

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