COMOSYS makes it very easy to model connections of steel structures. All you need to do is to run appropriate connection command and select the profiles to be connected. If you think that "this could not be easier"; however, you are wrong! What about selecting an entire truss or an entire floor or even the whole structure and running a single command?



IntelliConnect is a tool that makes connections of all joints in a structure with appropriate connection types according to preferences of the user. Unlike similar features in other software, IntelliConnect takes smart decisions while making connections. For instance, when connecting floor beams, IntelliConnect may apply offsets to ends of horizontal bracings if there is not enough space for horizontal bracings. This unique tool of COMOSYS, which is customizable to the user's preferences, allows you to save significant amount of man-hours while modeling steel connections.

For more information on IntelliConnect please visit the product page.